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Thicket Spaceout Torch

Thicket Spaceout Torch

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This isn’t just for smokers – dabbers, or anyone that needs a torch as a great accessory for camping, bartending, baking, or smoking, will love our collection of torch lighters online. These are some of the most original and unique looking torches that are around, and they will make a statement with their color and style.

Our Spaceout torch lighter series includes our Raygun lighter as well as our unique Lightyear torch lighter designs. Futuristic and exciting, these are fully adjustable torches that get the job done. Our torch will definitely help to fuel your blast off or help keep things hot here on earth.

The Raygun torch lighter is the best dab lighter online for those who want to have a fully adjustable flame for maximum control over the dabbing process. This will also be helpful for any application you need a torch for! These butane dab torches in San Diego are simple to use and refill. The Raygun dab torch is also safe, with a trigger safety lock to prevent unintentional use. It also comes with a kickstand, which is ideal for displaying your torch when not in use.

Our Lightyear torch lighter is also refillable and offers a stainless steel tip and fully adjustable flame. These are fun, entertaining, and definitely a great addition to your torch collection.

The Spaceout Raygun torch and Lightyear Torch come in a variety of colors, with the Raygun also available in various colors of camo.

Also, look out for our BRAND NEW glow-in-the-dark versions of both our Lightyear torch lighter and Raygun torch lighter now available to light up your smoking and torching experience!

The variety makes our torches great gifts for anyone in your life, for whatever reason they use a torch!

Product Specifications:
•Types: Light Year, Ray Gun
•Colors: Glow Yellow, Glow Orange, Glow Purple, Glow Lime(Light year), Black(Ray Gun), Red, Blue, EZ Blue, Purple, Pink, Glow Red(Light year) 
•Quantity: 1x Thicket Spaceout Torch

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